Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Tunage #79

Exciting times for this boy, just finished my last week at the job and onto a new one with a weeks grace what better way to celebrate than with music... and drink *wink. Do join me in this weeks 5 selected tracks that were the soundtrack for this week.

SertOne - On The Wall/ Mama See Tee

This is a toss up between these tow freshly released tracks from SertOne, great use of samplage and melodic machinations that really give a lovely grace to the ears.

New Shack - House of Frankenstein

In preparation for the oh so long in the waiting Power Edition of Sunday Tunage next week, (where I post 10 synthwave 80's-isque tracks) what you haven't heard of it? Well now you know. Here is a cool retro-y chilled track that hints at the old melodic stories of decades past, or if you don't get it, just a lovely track.

The Phoenix Foundation - Mountain

From the lovely guys who brought me this amazing wizardy of a track all those many moons ago (here) comes 'Mountain' an esoteric voyage with throwbacks to 60's psychedelic rock and culty vibes, great tune!

Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy (I:Cube Remix)

Lets get back to the electro side of things, Touch Sensitive AKA Michael Di Francesco part of Van She lore and definite synth pusher in his own right, gets its 90's vibe-ish on with his Pizza Guy track by frenchie producer I:Cube and its oh so cool. Plus its on 12", score!


Ending on some disco rework funkage by Kon, need I say more than just press play and get funked.

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