Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Tunage #73

After a gruelling week of work, drama, late night designing and sickness culminating in a weekend of live music at Field Day, this year I went to both days not by choice as expenses as this boy still ain't earning enough dosh to light his cigars with. With the crazyness of Saturday to the chilled vibes of DIIV and Mac Demarco today (Sunday, duh) it was a great weekend of friends, strangers and music. So since I skipped last weeks Tunage there are a bit more music tidbits for your here, yay!!!

Fort Romeau - Saku

We have a lot of great producers releasing their just in time for summer jams, Fort Romeau, is up firts with this bouncy number guaranteed to uplift you as you get your party going or just walking down the street and want to drown out the sad pathetic world you life seems to be thrown into, sorry a bit dark, but anyway...

Matt Hughes - Sunshine

My favourite discolectro producer is next with his funked up delciouness of Sunshine, just in time for, you guessed it, summer! Just tell me, just tell me you don't want to get down and boogie while listening to this and I will save you under my phone as LIAR!!!

Eli Escobar - Up All Night

Another awesome producer Eli who blessed us with stunny remix's of Lana and Sade drops us this Daft Punk circa early 90's n sounding Up All Night, off his album titled, Up All Night, that would make it the title track, riiighhhht? Lets keep the funk going shall we? Check out the whole album here...

Tensnake - The Walk

We truly do have all the greats crammed into this post Tensnake is back, waaaachaaaa, with this 90's infused thumper of a house track, where is an open air when I need one, Berlin I'm coming for you sooon!!

Tear Council - My Car

Not being content with being in Van She, one of my favourite all time bands ever or creating his own material, or teaming up with Might mouse to form Du Tonc, he with Van She bandmate Michael Di Francesco have slapped us in the face with Tear Council, I'm sure I put their first offering"Anywhere" on here before but I cannot remember, anyway what a lovely follow up, vocals dripped in honey the cool kind and a groovy beat make it a plus for when you just want to be Kool.

Bibi Flash - Histoire D'1 Soir (Secousse Edit)

So lets keep the funk up but with a little french flavour added shall we? Hvae no idea who Secousse is but this edit is just too damn funked not to share.

Mac Demarco - Chamber Of Reflection

Having been an avid follower of the record label Captured Tracks, Mac has been on my radar but not really choosing to listen to him fully, which will change after today, seeing him live and his personality just make you want to be best buds with this guy.

Weval - Something (Live Edit)

Something chilled but still within the rhelm of electro music is "Something" by two homies from the Netherlands, lay down under the sun or on your bed and look out the window to the sky and put this on, trust me.....

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