Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Tunage #61

It appears the beginning of this year has brought with it a barrage of challenges, hence the radio silence from the Sunday Tunage with the exception of the POWER EDITION last week. Returning back I seem to have a post suddenly disappear off my blog, #59 has gone off to the other worldly plane of nothingness to which no amount of astral projection can retrieve it. I would be upset but something like this is exactly what has been occurring for me these past few weeks, bloody hell this bitch cannot seem to catch a break. I GET IT LIFE, YOU ARE TOUGH, enough now! Throw me a bone to at least gnaw on something positive.

I'm sure some of you guys and gals are also going through a teething phase during this new born year, it would help me a lot knowing others are hitting the walls with their fists of frustration. Onwards and upwards from here! If you are an avid follower of the synth wave kind check out my review among other's at, I'm at the top and even got a shout out thank you from the guy whose album I wrote about.

Since the disappearance of the last post this Tunage will have some extras as there is some I feel that need to be shared, coz I care... still.

Dante - Champagne Problems (HNNY Remix)

Get lost in the melodic vibrations in this river of song, which is 1000% more emotively drinkable than the original and at 22 minutes thats enough time to get lost in the soothing percussions.

Falcon Punch - Donald's Bird

Keeping with the chilled vibes, easily absorbed during a rainy stay in day or out in the sun, Falcon Punch gives us a seductive disco beat guaranteed to make one forget and just get down.

Miami Horror - Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold

Having had the pleasure of checking these guys on my birthday back in '11, I'm always keen to hear new material from them anytime, "Love Like Like Mine" seems to be the appetiser for their forthcoming album out "All Possible Futures" out  April 21st. I'm still flying high from their previous gem.


Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principle (Classixx Recovery Mix)

The lads of Class drop this bomb of Janet on us just in time as they are cruising the globe on tours, which I am very much jealous for my peeps in Cape Town as they will be performing there soon. A rather laid back mix that lets Miss Jacksons vocals take centre stage with is funky guitar rifts ands bouncy beats.

Tear Council - Anywhere

From the guys who make up about half of Van She comes Tear Council, laying thick with grooves and hints of island vibes with their first outing "Anywhere", like having your ears caressed with electro dipped in honey.. without the sticky bit..


Du Tonc - Every Song

Double whammy with this, one half Matt Van Schie (Van She, Tear Council) and other Mighty Mouse (um.. Mighty Mouse), comes Du Tonc, if you are a regular here you may have seen them a couple of times, as I always post their shiz, back again with "Every Song" a great disco pop laced track, that blesses us with the lyrics:

"Blame every song
it happened again
dancing alone with my cigarette
how can you win if you don't believe
you only move for the melody."

Whitney Houston - Fine (LeMarquis & FAB Remix)

Bringing another pop powerhouse onto the Tunage, It's Whitney bitch, LeMarquis and FAB remix us a funk paced track that oozes slick production and shows off with skill rather than cliché.

Thrupence - Silk

Ending off the Tunage is this sweet piece of music sounds like it should come out of Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack but the remixed edition by Bonobo. Beautiful in its simplicity and melody, definitely makes me want to explore more of Thrupence.


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