Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Tunage #32

It’s amazing what a bit of sun can do for the soul, oh and beer. Not counting out a good solid jam I might add, by jam I mean MUSIC! Got some summer tracks to begin with and onto some real good stuff, obviously good as I would not be loving them.

Trevor Something - Summer Love

Must be nice to have a summer love, I guess if it is anything like this track I would look forward to it.

Timecop1983 - Summer Heat

“Oh my god Matthew ANOTHER synthwave track???”

Yes dammit and you will love it!

Anoraak - Summer Is Over (Rework)

I just love all these reworks Anoraak are making even though winter is only starting up here it might as well be a summer thumper, yes I said summer thumper… eek.

Jon Zott - Still Life Remix

Speaking of thumping..

Bag Raiders – Nairobi

Their self titled first album is still constant on my iPod and that was 4 years ago now we are blessed with this africany electro ness hmmmm EAT IT!

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