Monday, January 23, 2012

Anime good time fun!

I suppose the thing that draws me to fantasy and fiction is probably what draws everyone else; the underlying human emotive subtext interpreted through fantastical form, you thought I was gonna say men in tights? or if I was straight... the big boobs and action. Alas no, my brain even exposed to an abundance of alcoholic beverages on a weekly basis, yurns for something a bit more than American Pie: The Reunion.

People tend to think Anime as a sort of geeky wankfest of the virgin kind (well I guess there is that sub niche market for that) but truth be told the Asian sort of toonage has more depth and rich character development than what the Americans seem to churn out, esp these days. Of course I could go straight to Studio Ghibli but this time I'm gonna yak about Ergo Proxy.

I saw this anime series a couple of years ago, the first episode just got me hooked, in a pistachio nutshell its about a futurist post apocalyptic city in which humans are grown in artificial wombs and the AutoReivs (robots) are their maids and expensive blow up dolls. Yeah I know you're saying; "ring ring, hello? oh hey Ghost in the shell". Where Ghost goes in the way of cyber detective, Ergo merely uses that as the stage to which it plays out its tragedy. Referencing artists and philosophers from the days of a flat world, it can get really confusing and brain urgness but they do have info at the end of each episode, to help you at least think you have a clue. The questions of self awareness, where am I going in my life? what does it take to be me? and do I really know me? Are what I got out of Ergo Proxy plus a kick ass intro complete with song.

Definitely one of my best Anime series of all time! give it a go, or not and be boring, its your choice.

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