Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heppy Heppy

Hey crazy kids, its that time of year again time of year runs out. Where cult sects prepare for Apocalypse number 2005673, ill fated resolutions like quiting smoking, only sex with woman and learning to water paint are being thought up.

I'm trying ever so hard to come up with a round up my thoughts about the previous year but to prevent an/a "United States of Tara" thing happening to me, I'll pass. What I can say is: heres to a night where 70% of the globe will be boozy freaky trashed in a wave of alcoholic (among others for some) unison and hangovers uniting everyone from all walks of the globe at the toilet bowl.

I recently contributed to helping build a centre for the rehabilitation of child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. How you ask? well that's when Faith comes in ... no not the spiritual hallelujah Mr Bean-picking-up-a-mint kind, The Buffy character kind. For her 30th Bday actor Eliza Dushku set up a fundraiser with a goal: for the rehabilitation of child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. I know what I added is just a tiny pebble in the sea but what was that said about throwing a pebble in a pond?? Anyway if you are interested you can find everything over here

okay peeps I'll leave you with a mixtape made especially for tomorrows big partay or chilled evening at home vibes by Tesla Boy. Have a safe one!!!

Tesla Boy New Year mixtape by Antonionni by Tesla Boy

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