Wednesday, July 28, 2010


“After believing she spotted her son in a travelling caravan, a distraught mother returns to the island of El Hierro, where son disappeared three years previously.”

I recently watched this film, which is categorized under Horror but I found it more along the lines of; a visual account of denial, grief and acceptance, the only horror, which can be related, is the fear of losing someone you love.It is a haunting piece where my eyes were competing with Victoria Falls at the end. Honestly acted, Beautifully scored, jaw dropping locations and AMAZINGLY art directed.

HIERRO TRAILER from Gabe Ibañez on Vimeo.

This piece by Zacarias M. De La Riva who scored the film, to me best represents the movie.(if for some reason it doesnt show just click here to go directly to the page.)

Zacarias M. De La Riva - Bathroom by Mtti

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