Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I recently applied for a position as a blogger for a website I follow, the task is to post music and talk about it(PHD level shit). So I didn't get it, which is cool, I wont be jumping off any bridges any time soon. What I find amusing is some of the reasons why an applicant would not be chozen

- Were about the same age as my other writers
- Had a taste in music that was extremely broad
- Had great skill with computing, (programming was a plus)
- Were known around the community
- Commented frequently
- And overall, showed an immense amount of interest.

- Now I know im getting old but when last I checked, music has no age limit or am I missing out on something that only the "younger"generation knows in their vast array of googled knowledge.
- Im just going to copy and paste my FaceBook status on that: "so apparently I dont have a broad taste in music...I could just vomit on the person, at how ridiculous that statement towards me is...unless its poppy shit that is birthed after 27 hours of American Idol labour, then you can drink up my shit and keep walking onto oncoming traffic.. bye bye now."
- Fuck. Having computing skills is everywhere knowadays, one day in the future even studying for a medical degree would having programming as a course subject. Coz lets face it when saving lives computering skills is Superman Level yo!
- Should've made out with more babies, on that one.
- No Comment
- Does this post not show how interested I am?

How does one recover from a character assassination like that, I'll figure it out as soon as I deal with this hangover..better yet let me just keep the hangover, it's less of a mission. Am I bitter? kind of...Am I worried about them reading this? well seeing as Im not well known around the community (14 followers)..meh..

PS: my sis is in Cannes this year(for the 4th time) follow her hijinx here. I guarantee 100% jealously.
PSS: I designed the logo.

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