Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buggered Off!

Greetings from the Land of Eng, yes yes I have become a walking cliché, and have travelled beyond the big blue wet thing and into the wild wild country so Great they added Great into their name: Great Britain . Some might call that egotistical others would tell them to “bugga off”. But whatever your opinion of the country you can’t ignore a couple of things:

• So close to neighbouring countries its cheap as hell to catch a train plane or superman to Germany/Amsterdam. .. etc
• The fashion…nuff said

So who cares about the snow and rain and –dick freezing weather when you have a fantastic coat to prance around in.But enough of the travel agency crap talk, now begins the hard part of job scouring, friend stalking and living…. Which kind of makes
me wonder why I did come here in the first place (refer to point system ubove).

Anyhew you’ll have to excuse me while I go and see if I can book a Maccabees show…toodles.

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