Monday, April 6, 2009

What a country, what an island

There was a lot of stuff happening this weekend in the good ol’ Cape, The North Sea Jazz Festival – Moss Def !!!! and the flooding of celebrities to the opening of the new posh hotel The One and Only. “Wonderfully" located in the bowl of the Waterfront with “breathtaking” views of the Aquarium, um….yeah fuck the Burj Al Arab, I want spectacular views of those iconic billboards about those frog exhibitions, maybe they could do a joint billboard that goes..

“ you must be hopping mad to stay there…….and not come to the frog exhibition”

Of course I never went to any of those…urg, but I think the next thing is the Coke Fest, druggies don’t get your lollies in a pop, it’s the yearly fest of musicians that head over from the outside universe to visit our humble shores, in hopes of enlightening us to good real music, giving us a break from those Idols that should go Pop! Oasis, Snow Patrol, Panic at the disco…nice!!!! Just for interest sake here is my dreamlist for a coke fest:

Kings of Leon
Bloc Party
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
with dj groups Cut Copy and Digitalism for pomping beats

now that would be worthy of awesomeness

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