Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Tunage #114

End of the week, beginning of the Sunday Tunage. 5 tracks carefully curated for your audio pleasure, do join me...

Frankee More - Dancing To The Music

Lets start off with some ever loving funky disco, brownie points to anyone who figures out which song sampled this edit (hint: they be "Naughty").

Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train - SymbolOne rmx

The original is just a constant flow of melody where one can get lost in, so its refreshing for SymbolOne to give us a bit of oomph, both are great for different mind states.

Null + Void - Asphalt Kiss

Lets get dark shall we? Techno shades and verby synths take us down the rabbit hole.

FKJ - Go Back Home

Pulling us up for the dark is some  jammy jam goodness, the perfect track to let people know in a cool way that you don't want to end the evening's festivities just yet.

Matt Hughes - Walk The Chalk 

Full circle back to some funk electro Matt Hughes always brings his lush A-game. It's like I wanna say boutique funk but not the pretentious "boutique" that's being tossed around when used to describe house music stuff.


I have been eagerly awaiting new Material from these guys since their last album hit me like an indie brick a few years ago, the vibes I'm getting offa this one is akin to that of Shout Out Louds, interesting to see if i will run through the whole album...